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Join us to discuss a variety of books related (sometimes vaguely) to genealogy or history. We hope to learn a few things and have a lively discussion each month.  Open to the public. 

Zoom link available in the Members Only area of the website. (Login required.)

Non-members: if you'd like to join us, please email our Registrar to request the link.  

Currently Reading: 

March 13th, 2023: All The Frequent Troubles Of Our Days: The True Story of the Woman at the Heart of the German Resistance to Hitler by Rebecca Donner.  The author's website is here, and there's a video 'trailer' about the book here. A remarkable summary of the progression of fascism, and what ordinary people chose to do in the face of the threat. 

The Diamond Eye

April 10th, 2023: The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn. The author's webpage for her book is here. The story is the the "fictionalized-true" story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a sniper in the Russian Army during World War 2. Nicknamed "Lady Death" by the press, she became friends with Eleanor Roosevelt

May 8th, 2023:  Paging the Dead by Brynn Bonner  The first in the author's Family History Mysteries series of novels.  The concept has recently also been converted into a Hallmark Movie, in which the books' lead character, genealogist Sophreena McClure, is reimagined as Sophie McClaren.