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Table of Contents & Name Indexes For Volumes 26 Through 34

Below are lists of the Table of Contents for each issue.  At the end of each volume is a link to the Name Index for that volume.

Scroll through the list below to locate the Index file you want to view/download, or use the "Find" feature of your browser to find a particular word. 

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Vol. 26, #1, Winter 2003

The Prez Sez; Oliveiras: Cousins of Franciscos in Bolinas; Petite Gal Conquors Mountains; The Galligani’s Return to Marin; The Family Tree of Marin County Pioneer James Ross; Death Certificate Alternatives; Michael C. Doody; Items From Marin Newspapers; Prahl –Record of Naturalization; Crossing The Plains With A Covered Wagon Train In 1860; Index

Vol. 26, #2, Spring 2003

The Prez Sez; And from the Editor; Technology threatens Azorean Culture; Family History Month Contest Winners; Some Interesting Websites; The Family Tree of Marin County Pioneer James Ross; In Memoriam; An Eighth Grade Test; Orphan Train: Sending Urban Waifs West; The Wilz/Wiltz Family; Cyndi Howell To Appear in San Rafael; Annual MCGS Treasurer’s Report; Index

Vol. 26, #3, Summer 2003

The Prez Sez; Letter From the Assessor-Recorder; Application For Certified Death Record; Things To Remember About Certified and Informational Vital Records; The Marin County Century Society; In Memoriam; New Members; Family History Month Contest Winners; Odds and Ends from the Newspaper; A Short Biography of our New President; Book Review; Revised MCGS By-Laws; Citing Electronic Sources; Wreck of the Tennessee; Common Tombstone Symbols & Images; Non-population Census Schedules; Cyndi Howells to Appear in San Rafael; Index

Vol. 26, #4, Fall 2003

The Prez Sez; The Origin of Azorean Names in West Marin; Portuguese to Hawaii Passport Index; The Family Tree of Marin County Pioneer James Ross; Couple Celebrate Golden Wedding (Pape); Roach-Reynolds Family Bible; Interesting Web Sites; Barnardo Children; Marin Memories; Some Quaker Humor; Odds and Ends from the Newspaper and Elsewhere; Croker-Symonds Wedding; Pedrotti-McGovern Marriage; San Rafael High School 1931 Honor Roll; Art in Colma’s Cemeteries; Unusual Given Name; Epidemics Through the Years; Irish Research with Nora Hickey; Index of Names in Volume 26 

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Vol. 27, #1, Winter 2004

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: One emigration shaped two regions; New Members; upcoming Events: NGS Conference and NARA; Family Tree guide to Europe; Odds and Ends; California’s Oldest Private Boys’ School; Company D Wins 41 Medals; Marin Memories: My Early Years in Larkspur in the 1940s; Irish Role in Marin’s Religious History; Tam High Graduates 103; In Memoriam; Born in Virginia?; BBC News; Book Review; Oakland Public Library: obit requests; CA and national Newspaper Project; Berri Anniversary and Birthday Celebration; Index

Vol. 27, #2, Spring 2004

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: How the Grossis and Spalettas Prospered as Immigrants; Selborne-Bates School for Boys correction; Query Corner; Veterans History Project; Web Resources; Ancestors in German Archives; Oldest Native Marin Son and Daughter in 1945; October Family History Month Contest Winners; Maine Towns are Dissolving; 35th Annual Genealogical Jamboree in Pasadena; Other Events in our Neighborhood; Ode to the Spell Checker; Suggestion for Disposal of Genealogical Research; Nicasio Historical Society; New Members; Items From Newspapers; Marin Memories: Gunpoint Ride At Midnight; Journey to the Promised Land: Giuseppe Codoni; Index

Vol. 27, #3, Summer 2004

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: Two Very Different Families From the Same Alpine Village; membership News; The Daphne Fernwood Cemetery; Websites of Interest; Items From Newspapers; Castle Gardens; Dollarhide’s Five Rules for Genealogy; Spotlight on the Membership; Age of Legal Action in Colonial Virginia; 1894 Great Register of Marin County; Spelling in Genealogy; I Am My Own Grandpa; Marin Memories: Carrie Gray Klyce; Marin County Naturalizations; Melusina’s Storm; Wedding Celebrations; William E. Grigsby; Marin Graduates of 1931; Index

Vol. 27, #4, Fall 2004

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: Canton of Ticino Neighbors Help Each Other in Tomales; New Members; Where Mary Street Gets Its Name; Marin Memories: Eleanor Jean’s Life Along the Creek; The High School Classes of 1916; Websites of Interest; In Search of Edie; Register of the Privy Council of Scotland; Weddings and Anniversaries; Marinates Mentioned in Other Papers; Marin County World War 1 Draftees; Looking At Our Family History With New Eyes; Tell It To Your Doctor; 101 Points of Entry; British Isles Research; Bounty Land: Earned or Bought?; Fremasonry; Arundel Hull; Index to Volume 27

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Vol. 28, #1, Winter 2005

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: A Reporter's Swiss Notebook; Tombstone Humor; Bjorn Eikrem's Norway; A Look At Norwegian Research; 2005 NARA Pacific Region Workshop Schedule; CA Military History Discussion Group; Servicemen Re-united with Families for Holiday Season, 1946; WW2 Honor List of Dead and Missing, 1946; Items From Marin Papers; The Case for Documenting Yourself; Book Review; British War-dead Records Go Online; Web Sites of Interest; Spring House Cleaning (in 1872); Svend Munk Goes to Denmark; Birthdays and Reunions; Marin Co. Brand Book A; Index

Vol. 28, #2, Spring 2005

The Prez Sez; New Members; Swiss Immigration: Ticino Has Found Prosperity Since War; Query: Mary HUNT, born 1893 Ohio; Web Sites of Interest; Reunions; October Family History Month Contest Winners; A Marin County Adoption: Caesar by Schneider; Spotlight on the Membership: Rick Tullis; Sunny Hill Cemetery, Sausalito; A 1904 Folsom Prison Incident; Immigration: Sample Sites; The San Francisco Call Data Base; Index

Vol. 28, #3, Summer 2005

New Data Bases Online; Swiss Immigration: Religion Changed More For Swiss Who Emigrated;

Sister-Cities: Lonate Pozzolo & San Rafael; Descendants Recall Old Chinese Laundry; Relationship Terms; Web Sites of Interest; Carmack’s Guide to Copyright & Contracts; Marin Graduates (1931, 1940, 1859); Marinites in Out-Of-County Papers; Marin Divorce Actions; Who’s Who Among The Women of California: Marin (1922); World War I Medal Winners: Freeman & Griffin In Memoriam; Handfasting – The Olde Tradition Resurges; Marin Marriages; Wedding Ceremonies; Query Corner: Benjamin A. Gaston; Census Dating; New Members; Index

Vol. 28, #4, Fall 2005

The Prez Sez; Swiss Immigration: Isolation Limited Ticinesse in Choosing Spouses; Lafranchi Family Reunion; Obtaining Naturalization Records; Rules: Naturalization Date, Laws & Residency; Some Marin Naturalizations; Miscellaneous Military Items: NARA, WWI, WWII: The 4th Registration; Revolutionary War Records; Civil War Soldiers' Graves: Online Database; Websites of Interest; Marin Graduates; New Members; Muscio Family in Marin; Marin Shipwrecks; The Deaths of Thomas H. Hyatt and James Miller; Marin Anniversaries; Brand Book A: Wm. Peach, Peter Brown; R. Logan, Daniel Katz; Emigrant Savings Bank Records 1841-1945; Toronto Emigrant Office Records; Marin Memories by Mabel Bullis; Index to Volume 28.

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Vol. 29, #1, Winter 2006

In Memoriam: Eugenie Grady; Intermarriage Intertwines West Marin’s Swiss Families; Websites of Interest; New Year’s Resolutions; Rissler Quilt; Manuel Oyarzo; NARA San Bruno 2006 Workshop Schedule; Listings in the 8-County Directory: Marin 1885-86; Petitions for Change of Name: Hall to Treadwell, Osborn to Stewart; New Members; Gardiner 50th Anniversary (1929); Anniversaries: Mallory, Lundquist, Buletti; Index

Vol. 29, #2, Spring 2006

Memoirs of Mariana Richardson Torres; Croats Made Tomales Bay a Fishing Center; Are You Related to Dr. William A. Douglass?; October Family History Month Contest Winners; 1885-86 8-County Directory: Sausalito; Evolution of the Family History Writing Contest; Off for Erin: Richard J. Sutton; Websites of Interest; Index

Vol. 29, #3, Summer 2006

The Prez Sez; North West Pacific Railroad; Searching For Your Revolutionary War Ancestor; Marin County Graduations Over the Years; Change of Name: Requa to McCutchen; Rose and Delia Cunningham; Father William McKinnon; A Mill Valley Elocution Student: Eve Arden; Listings in the 8-County Directory: Marin 1885-86; One of Older Miwoks in West Marin Dies: Larry Bellman; Abstracts of the Minutes of the Marin County, CA Probate Court; Marin People in Sacramento Newspapers; Index

Vol. 29, #4, Fall 2006

Odds & Ends From The Editor; The Robert Trumbull Family; Members of Marin Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons, 1882; Carolyn’s Clutter: legal notices from the 1860s; Records of Old Settlers Day; Daniel Katz; Changes of Name: Kionigsen to Conick, Bonetti to Magistretti; Listings in the 8-County Directory: Marin 1885-85; Inverness Before Roads, Telephones; A Ferry With a Storied Past; Miscellaneas Newspaper Items; Index to Volume 29

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Volume 30, #1, Winter 2007

William T. Coleman; Carolyn’s Clutter: legal notices from the 1860s; Social Security Death Index;  New Members; Items from The Marin Journal of 1916; Notes on Saving Water-Damaged Photos; MCGS to the Rescue! Dennis Haley descendants; The Robert Trumbull Family; Index

Volume 30, #2, Spring 2007

NARA Workshop Schedule; Records in the Recorder’s Office; Corrected William T. Coleman Pedigree Chart; Family History Writing Contest Winners’ Essays; Superior Court Notes: Dec. 7, 1899; In Memoriam: Col. Thomas D. Gillis; Carolyn’s Clutter: legal notices from 1925; William H. Campbell; Listings in the 8-County Directory, 1885-1886: San Antonio and San Quentin; Change of Name: Levy to Asher; Johnson to Wilkins; Burial Location: Mrs. O. T. Stacey and daughter; Assembly and Senate Members from Marin County; Edwin P. Ammerman; Index

Volume 30, #3, Summer 2007

The Prez Sez; A List of MCGS Presidents; Photo, first MCGS trip to SLC; Do You Know This Lady? Nellie Schutz; New Members; Researching in San Francisco or Ireland; Do You Remember Marin in 1942?; The Significance of Bonds; Marinites Mentioned in the Stockton Daily Independent; Frederick A. Robbins and Grace McGregor; Nova Scotia Web Sites; Register of Events Which Transpired in 1879; Marin Memories: San Quentin House; Change of Name: Mahar to Steffens; Carolyn’s Clutter: sole traders’ notices 1861-61, etc; Listings in the 8-county Directory, 1885-86 – Black Point, Chileno Valley, Hamlet; 1905 Law Enacted, Recording of Vital Records; Plans for an Immigrant Station at Angel Island; 1919 Graduates of San Rafael High School; MCGS 30th Anniversay, Historical Items of Interest; Index

Volume 30, #4, Fall 2007

The Prez Sez; In Memoriam: Finisy & Dangers; News For Family Researcher; Carolyn’s Clutter: dissolutions of partnerships; Je Me Souviens: France to Quebec to Maine, the Noel and Nadeau family; Stephen Eden Undertaking Co. Funeral Register: April 1, 1913 – July 13, 1914; Stephen Eden Marriage Notice and Obituary; Some Causes of Death; Some Naturalizations: 1964 & 1971; School Graduates 1921 and 1932; Novato High School Honors Peter Petersen, 1964; Marinites in Stockton CA Papers; A Look at WPA Records; The Value of Negative Evidence; Where To Go When You Can’t Find Them; Classes by Jeannette Vonier; Index for Vol. 30.

Click here for the Index to Names Appearing in Volume 30.

Volume 31, #1, Winter 2008

The Prez Sez; Core of Competence for Genealogists; New Members; A Letter From A French Camp Soldier; In Memoriam, Harry Sutcliffe; Mt. Tamalpais Academy in 1894; Stephen Eden Funeral Register, July 18, 1914 to April 8, 1915; Carolyn’s Clutter (a change of name, a sole trader notice, a dissolution of partnership); Quadros Family Research Report; Scanning of Old Photographs.

Volume 31, #2, Spring 2008

The Prez Sez; Scottish Research Sources; In Memoriam, Ruby Egnew; Franco Vanacola 1837-1917; Some Irish Websites; New Members; Family History Writing Contest Winning Essays; Carolyn’s Clutter (legal notices); Abstracts of the Minutes of the Marin County Probate Court 1857-1860; War News, 1917; Stone Quarries.

Volume 31, #3, Summer 2008

The Prez Sez; In Memoriam, Ed Scarbrough; 1907 Public School Directory; Finding James Riley Blair, 1877-1947; Carolyn’s Clutter (WOW, business notices); Deer Island; Stone Quarries in Marin County; Assorted Newspaper Items; Belgian and Italian Birth Name Traditions; Christopher Temple Emmet, Pioneer of 1849; Escapes; San Quentin Deaths, the First Five; Getting People To Share; County Officers, 1916; Listings in the 8-County Directory 1885-1886 – Pt. Reyes and Tiburon; Adoptions & Divorces; Letters In The Post Office.

Volume 31, #4, Fall 2008

The Prez Sez; Burns Florist, Marin’s Oldest Continuously Owned & Operated Family Business; International Genealogical Symbols; Carolyn’s Clutter (the Hobbes, Miller, Meunier Reunion); Women of the West; Ettinger-Shaffer Suit; Clara Phillips; Items From the Newspaper (Pedranti; Andrade, Curtis-Brandis, Guittier); World Epidemics; 1868 Marin County Great Register; Marinites In Out-Of-County Newspapers.

Click here for the Index to Names Appearing in Volume 31.

Volume 32, #1, Winter 2009

The Prez Sez; The Purple Heart; Change of Name – Johnson to Wilkins; New at the Library; New Members; Calkins Family Reunion; Newspaper Research: marriages, guardianship, change of name; Terminology in Genealogy; Rotary Club Notes; New Publication: Vol. 4 of Marin County Cemeteries; Getting the Most Out of Pre-1850 U.S. Census Records; Census Records – For Demographics or Genealogy?; Scottish Roots; Sunnyhills San Francisco Presbyterian Orphanage Admittals; 1868 Marin County Great Register

Volume 32, #2, Spring 2009

The Prez Sez; Web Sites; Book Review; Newspaper Gleanings; Donald T. Wood; Kerrigan Brothers; McNear Reunion; Family History Writing Contest Winners’ Essays; Announcements; 1868 Marin County Great Register; Sunnyhills San Francisco Presbyterian Orphanage Admittals

Volume 32, #3, Summer 2009

The Prez Sez; World War I Draft Cards; Marin Men and Women in WWI; Additions to the Library; The Guldager Brothers; Marin County Dairies & Their Products; Family Secrets; Immigration Files Offer Hidden History of America; New Members; John Carroll’s Column; Genealogical Gems From the Newspaper; Sunnyhills San Francisco Presbyterian Orphanage Admittals; 1868 Marin County Great Register; Marin Memories: Dick Lewis; NEHGS Visits CGS

Volume 32, #4, Fall 2009

The Prez Sez; Land Records Are Full of Information; Digitization of Homestead Records; WWI as Reported in the Marin Journal; In Memoriam; Mt. Tamalpais – origin and pronunciation; Services Available at Sutro Library; Pioneer Miners; Dedication of Tomales Church of Assumption; Additions to the Library; Dr. Arthur Crosby; San Rafael High Class of 1944; Capt. Henry Claussen; St. Raphael’s Confirmations, 1901; One Man’s Research Strategy; Fairfax of Virginia; the Azevedo Family Sees the Fair; Leaps and Jumps; Newspaper Items – Nevada Sheriff, Old Resident, Murder; Membership application

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Volume 33, #1, Winter 2010

The Prez Sez; Recent Library Acquisitions; In Memorian, Jim Delorey; Troy Family Mass; Change of Name, Llonch to Young; Deffebach guardianship; Dissolution of Partnership; The Blagg Family Story; Slavery in California; Record of Red Baron’s Death Found; Index

Volume 33, #2, Spring 2010

The Prez Sez; In Memorian, Ethel Lowe; Family History Writing Contest Winner’s Essays; New Members; Websites and a Bit of Humor; Emanuel Azevedo; Candidates Seeking Election in 1934; Decoration Day in San Rafael (1916); Recipes from the Year 1937; Peter Barrow; Military Bounty Land Grants; Col. Shadburne’s Birthday; Genealogical Best Practices; San Francisco Mortuary Records; Abstracts of the Marin Co. Probate Court Minutes; Index

Volume 33, #3, Summer 2010

The Prez Sez; Welcome to New Members; Why Join a Genealogical Society?; Chiminolli will; Lupescu tombstone; U.P.E.C. Records for Sausalito; Fraternal Societies; Marin’s Newest Citizens; Sources: The more the merrier!; Codoni Reunion; A Letter from Alaska; Encarnacion’s Kitchen; An Adoption Story; Newspaper Items; A Trip to the Country; The Fasken Family; Index

Volume 33, #4, Fall 2010

The Prez Sez; The Pape Family; Announcement from the Board; Goodsearch.com; Carlma’s Breakthrough; Marin Memories: Carrie Pratt Elwell; In Memoriam, Don Smith; Steve Richardson Interview; The Adoption of Joseph F. Lane; Forsaken Cemeteries; New Members; 1862 State Prison Mutiny; Clearance Sale; Last Citizen Sworn in Marin; Membership Application; Index to Vol. 33

Click here for the Index to Names Appearing in Volume 33

Volume 34, #1, Winter 2011

The Prez Sez; Mary Walsh’s Sampler; I Don’t Know My Great Grandfather’s First Name; NARA Records Available in Digitized Form; Stephen Eden Funeral Register Now Available; Did A WWII Plane Really Crash Into Mt. Tam?; Dogtown; In Memoriam: Ken Wiltz; Carolum’s Clutter: Bickerstaff and Murray; Sister’s Reunited After 60 Years; Ten Commandments of Genealogy; Family Memories: Madsen, Heiden; New Members; Nicknames; Gleanings from the Sacramento Daily Union; Sale!: Membership Application; Index

Volume 34, #2, Spring 2011

The Prez Sez; The Census; George B. Greig; Web Updates;  Josefina Beisler Sampler; New Citizens; Bill Del Monte: Earthquake Survivor; New Books in the Library; New Members; W. O. Smith Blacksmith Shop; New Year’s Resolutions; More Web Sites; Genealogical Bumper Stickers; Marin County in Other Newspapers; Marin’s $45 Million Royal Secret; Inventory and Sale!; Membership Application; Index

Volume 34, #3, Summer 2011

A Note From The Editor; New Members; Samuel John Pinkston; J. Porter Shaw Library; Veterans Buried in Marin County Cemeteries; In Memoriam; New Books in the Library; Mining The Newspaper For Nuggets; Did You Really Start With Yourself?; The 1890 Great Register; Population Genetics Reveals Shared Ancestries; Sickness and Death; Old Mining Terms; Index

Volume 34, #4, Fall 2011

The Prez Sez; New Members; The Jordan Family in San Rafael; The Happersberger Family; In Memoriam: Bill Kooiman; Homestead Valley Couple’s 82-Year Marriage; Hidden Treasure; Research Tips: N. Gray Ledgers; Native American Research; Google Book Search; Rose Ann Thrapp Sees Parents; Dick Eastman’s “How to Self-Publish…”; Family Tradition at Grossi’s Dairy; Shelves of Forgotten Souls; Membership Application; Index

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