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We are going through the book,

Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA: A Guide for Family Historians

We will be going through this chapter by chapter, and we hope that this approach will appeal to a wide audience, including those who have yet to try DNA testing as an adjunct to their genealogy research.

For the next Virtual meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at 7 pm, we will be discussing Chapter 5 of the book, which deals with "Y-DNA Tests"

If you want to get the maximum benefit from the meetings, it would be a good idea to purchase the book and read the relevant chapter before the meeting.

As an adjunct to this chapter, you may want to watch this RootsTech 2023 video on Y-DNA: An Overview of Your Results.

One of the principal authors, Michelle Leonard, recently gave the webinar "The Top 10 DNA Do's and Dont's ", and I encourage you to watch this free webinar (click on the name).

Members  can access a complete list of Zoom links for all upcoming meetings by clicking the link on the Home page,  or by clicking here.  (Login required.)


Check out the DNA Group Handouts Archive covering various topics of interest to this group.

Blog Spot

Find out about the latest trends in DNA and Genealogy by reading the

Latest Blog Posts (updated 3/16/2023)

Posts for previous months, click here.

Info for Beginners: Understanding Your Ancestry DNA Results

A Guide to Understanding Your Ancestry DNA Results, a two part video series.

Video one:  A Tour of Ancestry DNA and Working with Matches

Video two:  Filtering, Sorting, ThruLines, and Custom Groups for AncestryDNA Matches

Note that these videos are large files and will take some time to load.  If you click on the link and it opens in your browser, this is only a preview, and to see the video in full resolution, you will need to download it and then open it with the video app. on your device.

DNA Tools

a) AncestryDNA Helper App for chrome browser

b) MedBetterDNA App for chrome browser

c) Autosomal DNA Analysis Tools by Tim Janzen

DNA Video Lectures

Videos from lectures given at "Who Do You Think You Are" conferences held in Birmingham, England.

Videos from Genetic Genealogy Ireland Conferences.

Videos of the Sessions at RootsTech 2021.


Kitty Cooper's DNA Newbie FAQ

Stream a video on "DNA for Beginners: The Three Tests" by Debbie Kennett

Kelly Wheaton offers a "Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy"

Cece Moore has a four part series on "DNA Testing for Genealogy"

FTDNA eBook "Interpreting Genetic Genealogy Results"

John A Blair provides a basic discussion with "DNA 101"

Donna Rutherford provides "DNA - What, when, how, why - FAQ's for beginners"

Margaret O'Brien offers "How to Use AncestryDNA Matches – a Comprehensive Guide"

Discussion of  "ICW vs. Triangulation" (download)

Which DNA tests to take - “Which DNA testing company should I use?”,

 “Sorting out the DNA Tests Available for Genealogy” , and "The Best DNA Ancestry Testing Kit"

Tips for Using Gedmatch Tips for Using GEDmatch

Angie Bush's Gedmatch Basics  A video on GEDmatch basics from Angie Bush

Beginners Guide to  "DNA Genealogy Using GEDmatch"

Handout for "How to Add DNA Matches to Your Ancestry Tree"

This has recommendations that some would argue with, "A Practical Guide to Using Autosomal DNA (atDNA) for Genealogical Purposes"

Handout for Downloading and Uploading Your DNA Data

How to Download Your DNA Match Lists & Segment Files

Visual Phasing By Blaine Bettinger

Links to "Finding Biological Family With DNA Testing" (download)

References for X-DNA Testing and Matching (download)

Links to  "Finding Lisa" story (download)

Lots of information, courtesy of NIH, on Genetics

Lots of useful links on "ISOGG Wiki" 

This has an interesting discussion of "Identical by Descent"

Please send questions, comments, or suggestions for future meeting topics to Vernon Smith.
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