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DNA Group Meeting

  • April 21, 2016
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • LDS Church, 220 North San Pedro Rd., San Rafael

Meeting of the DNA Group

The DNA Group will meet on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at the LDS Church, starting at 7 pm.

We will have a Q & A session in the first part of the meeting. The rest of the meeting will be a hands-on workshop preparing for the DNAGedcom tool Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer (ADSA).

We discussed ADSA last month, and this month we’ll get you up and running - setting up your DNAGedcom account and getting your DNA data into the DNAGedcom format – so you can run ADSA.

To prepare for this meeting, you need your raw DNA data from FTDNA, 23andMe, Ancestry and/or GEDMatch.

  • For FTDNA or GEDMatch, no other steps are needed at this point.
  • For 23andMe users, probably the best option is to first upload your results to GEDMatch.
  • For Ancestry DNA users, probably the best option is to first upload your results to FTDNA or GEDMatch.

The following link explains how to download your raw DNA data and upload it to FTDNA
Autosomal DNA Transfer to FTDNA

Once your DNA data is available (from previous step), it then needs “converting,” to the DNAGedcom format. These are the steps we’ll cover at the meeting. You can review What can you do on DNAGedcom? for help in this conversion.

Once your data is converted for DNAGedcom – the confusing part - running ADSA is easy. Then using the output from ADSA is interesting. If we have time, we will briefly discuss this at this meeting, but in any case we will cover this in depth at another meeting.

Bring your laptop / tablet / iPad and be prepared to use it – with your DNA data on it.

Be sure to bring your Kit ID's and login information for FTDNA, for GEDMatch and, if you have one already, for DNAGedcom.

PLEASE NOTE: If some of you have already got an account at DNAGedcom and you’ve setup your data (thus ready to run ADSA), we would like to know. Send an email to Vernon Smith or Jo Ann Rowley-Minhoto.

For more information see the DNA Group page.

Please contact Vernon Smith if you would like to request a topic.

We meet each month to discuss all aspects of Genetic Genealogy,
and to provide a forum for discussion as well as time for answering any related questions.

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