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MCGS General Meeting

  • September 24, 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 9:59 PM
  • Marin Family History Center, 220 North San Pedro Rd., San Rafael


“Our Annual Workshop Meeting”

Most of the Workshops this year will be hands-on - Bring your laptop, iPad, or Tablet to work along with the presenter. 

1.  BEGINNERS Participants will use a very helpful website that teaches good genealogical practices at your own pace, learning while you DO your own genealogy, five minutes at a time!  Bring information you know about 2 ancestors born 1920 or before.

Sonja Jensen will be your guide.


At least 8 people will use our new, up-to-date computers at the Computer Room in the Family History Center (FHC) and be guided through the procedures of using several premium websites available for free .

Susan Trumbull will be your leader.

3. GEDCOM – Learn how to share your database with others or upload  it to Ancestry.com.  Sierra Pope will teach you how to create a  Gedcom file in Roots Magic, Family Tree Maker, or Legacy.

4. DNA BASICS - if you missed Vernon Smith’s introductory lesson on DNA tests, and think you might be too far behind to catch up, or need to hear it again, or are new to the topic, Vernon’s class is for you.

5. CITE WHAT YOU SEE: Documentation - Jeffrey Vaillant will use a case study to increase your ability to document all your research so you don’t retrace your steps. Documentation lets anyone follow where you’ve already searched.  If you would like the case study before the class, email him at jeffreyvaillant@hotmail.com.

About our Meetings:

The Genealogical Society General meetings are open to the public, with no admission fee. Feel free to drop in! Bring your friends as everyone is welcome. Come early and ask your burning genealogical questions of other members before the meeting.

We meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month, with a couple of exceptions. November's meeting is held on the 3rd Wednesday, due to Thanksgiving. There is no general meeting in May, due to our Annual Picnic, nor in December, due to the holidays and our Winter Holiday Party.

Annually, several of our regularly scheduled meetings have a certain focus: April, we hold our Annual General Meeting and Elections (but there's usually a presentation also); May of each year we hold an Anniversary Celebration or Annual Picnic; and in September, we have a workshop.

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