Kin Tracer Table of Contents and Name Index for Volumes 1 through 25

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Each Volume has four issues, which are numbered 1 (Winter), 2 (Spring),

3 (Summer), and 4 (Fall).


The convention for the page numbering is not consistent throughout all the Volumes.


Volumes 1 through 17, and 23 through 25 are numbered consecutively from the beginning of the Volume to the end.

For these Volumes a two number reference is used for the Index, so that for example, 16-8 means Volume 16, page 8.


For Volumes 18 through 22, the page numbering starts over for each issue in a Volume.

For these Volumes a three number reference is used for the Index, so that for example, 19-2(3) means Volume 19, issue 2, page 3.

Below are links to one file with a Name Index file and another with a full Table of Contents with Subject Headings, for Kin Tracer Volumes 1 through 25.

Please Note:  The file is in Adobe Reader format so you will need it to open and read the file.  If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader, click here to visit and download Adobe Reader.

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