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The Writing Group is meeting once again on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10am to Noon,

in the Relief Society room at the LDS Church, 2200 North San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 94903.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 10:0 am at the LDS Church.

Well, here we are hunkering down at home to help prevent the community spread of the virus.
While this has major impacts to all of our lives, it has one silver lining...time for all of us to write!
Here are a few assignments to keep you going this month.
Read through the whole message, as there will be some further instructions at the end of the email.

Assignment 1: A Scenario

You've been rummaging through your family artifacts (letters, photos, etc) or you have done some research online and you just came across an amazing discovery into your ancestor's lives.

You want to share it now with a member of your current family. You sit down to write an email or a letter to them telling them about the find. Be sure to include some of these ideas.

a. What did you find?

b. How or where did you find it?

c. What surprised you about the find?

d. Why is this important to your family that you found it?

e. What will you do with it, now that you have found it?

f. Do you want the current family to share the news with other extended family members, and if so, how should they do that (ex. a Facebook post? A blast email? Skype? A family letter?....)

Assignment 2: Journal Entry

With the current coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and more are shutting their doors for weeks on end. People are panicking and stocking up on items they wouldn't usually.

I (Laurel) can't help but wonder how my ancestors reacted to the 1918 global pandemic. But I'll never know because if any of my relatives wrote this down, it is lost to history. But now in modern times, WE all have a chance to write that down and capture our responses to the pandemic. A hundred years from now, our descendants will be curious about our daily lives during this challenging time.

Exercise: Write a journal entry, or write frequently for the next few weeks, if you like, about the experience of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Be sure to include ideas like:

a. What closed that surprises you?

b. What didn't close, yet still surprises you?

c. What items were stock piled until they have run out?

d. What is happening in other countries, that is not in the U.S. ?(or vice versa in U.S. but not other countries)?

e. What is your personal reaction to our U.S. Government response?

f. How are you and your family coping day-to-day?

As mentioned, this can be one journal entry or it can be a frequent entry, ex. every day (make sure you date each entry!) once  week, twice a week...

Due dates:

Assignment 1 is due on March 31 to me online (if you want feedback)

Assignment 2 is due on April 15 to me online (if you want feedback) Please only send me a max of 2 journal entries for this one. 

Additional and optional feedback review for both assignments. Because we aren't going to meet until May 13 again in person, I want to offer you an online option for group feedback from your peers. If you would like peer feedback on either or both assignments, please private message me at laurel.hilton@gmail.com. I will place those interested into groups of three and you will send your material only to the people in your small group. I will moderate these groups and give instructions at that time.

Laurel is an award-winning author, journalist and 4th generation Californian. She is a writing coach and founder of a 501 c 3 organization for writers called Write on Mamas, and has had her writing featured on stage, radio, in print and online.
Laurel is currently completing a Professional Genealogy Certification through the National Genealogical Society.
She has an MA in Journalism and Communication Research and a BA in Public Relations.

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