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The next Virtual meeting will be held online in September, 2020. Details will be posted later.

Details concerning online connection will be sent to Members of MCGS by email within one week before the meeting.
You do not need to use the link below to get the link to connect to the meeting if you are a MCGS Member.

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We will not have a meeting in August.

Assignments for the September meeting.

The focus is to write from the Point of View (POV) of Different Persons.

Namely from the Perspective of the First Person, Second Person, and Third Person

See this Point of View article for background material.

Take a piece you have already written about your ancestor. Identify which point of view you used to write the story.
(Hint: For most all of you, it will be 3rd person Objective.)

Now, pick at least ONE other style in which to write that EXACT piece over again. 
To recap: your choices  as the narrator would be:

3rd person Objective = you write from he/she perspective without knowing thoughts or feelings

3rd person Limited = you write from he/she perspective only knowing thoughts and feelings of one character

3rd person Omniscient = you write from he/she perspective and you are all-seeing and knowing

1st person Omniscient = you write as though you ARE that person

2nd person Objective = you write as "you" perspective without thoughts and feelings. As the narrator, you are objective, "just the facts, ma'am."

After writing from one of these points of view, answer these questions:

1-What original POV did you first use (before this assignment)?

2-What differences did you discover in how the ancestor experienced or recounted the story and their circumstances?

3-Did re-telling the story with another POV change the way you understood it?

The point of this assignment is that changing the perspective and POV of your ancestor enables you to have empathy for them and understand them and what they may have experienced in their lifetimes, that you would not get otherwise. Changing POV can reveal little nuggets of wisdom that will find their way into your final version of your stories and/or it may open a door to the next phase of your writing project that you never thought about.

BONUS ASSIGNMENT: If you have more than one main ancestor in your stories, you may consider re-writing the story first from one ancestor's POV and then from the other one. And then apply the questions to that.

Assignments are due by Sept 1 if you would like my feedback or to send to the group for review.

Laurel can be contacted at writers@maringensoc.org

Whether you attend our Writing Group Meetings or not, please consider writing a story about your family history to share with the group! Please forward your tales to the Newsletter Editor, Anita McPherson. Images with captions are always welcome as well!

Laurel is an award-winning author, journalist and 4th generation Californian. She is a writing coach and founder of a 501 c 3 organization for writers called Write on Mamas, and has had her writing featured on stage, radio, in print and online.
Laurel is currently completing a Professional Genealogy Certification through the National Genealogical Society.
She has an MA in Journalism and Communication Research and a BA in Public Relations.

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