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These publications are plastic-comb bound.

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 Newspaper Abstracts from the Marin Journal: March 23, 1861 - Dec. 28, 1872.  222 pages, strip bound, soft cover. $39.50 plus shipping
 Births, Marriages and Deaths from The Marin Journal: Jan. 2, 1873 - Dec. 30, 1880, 330 pages, indexed.  $46.00 plus shipping

Marin County Cemetery Records Vol. 1

Cemeteries include Bolinas, Daphne-Fernwood, Olema, Pioneer Memorial (Novato, Point Reyes, bound Tomales Catholic, Tomales Presbyterian, Mt. Olivet Catholic, and Marshall (Indian).  Alphabetical, 296 pages.


Marin County Cemetery Records Vol. 2

Mt. Tamalpais Cemetery Interment Log - This book, originally compiled in 1993 and covering the years 1879 - March 1901, has been expanded to include all office records through 1930. That means the first 2,551 burials. It is presented in two sections: the first is in chronological order and the second is an alphabetical listing of interments, eliminating the need for an index.

Information given includes the name of the deceased, places of birth and death, dates of death and burial, cause of death, burial location within the cemetery, and occasional other notes.


Marin County Cemetery Records Vol. 3

Valley Memorial Park Cemetery in Novato. Compiled 1998. All tombstone inscriptions; interments for which there are no stones (from office records).  143 pages, indexed.


Marin County Poor Farm & Hospital Cemetery Vol. 4

In 1880 land was purchased by the county and a facility built to care for the elderly and poor who were either indigent or had no family in the area able to care for them. During the earliest years, a farm was associated with the building and those who lived there and were physically able, helped in the barn and fields. A hospital was erected and opened in 1913. A cemetery has been associated with the Marin County Farm/Hospital since the beginning. Many records were kept and are now housed in the California Room at the Marin County Library in the Civic Center; other burials were gleaned from undertaker's records, the Stephen Eden funeral register, burial permits, and a couple of notices from the newspaper. This cemetery has never had stones to mark the graves.  Burials began in 1880 and the last were in the 1960s.

                                     Price: $15 (plus tax for CA residents)

Mt. Tamalpais Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. 1

The book encompasses the entire history of the Cemetery up to about 2008. There will be another volume produced for those areas not included in Volume 1 and recent burials. Printed copies of this Volume 1 are available at $45 plus shipping and handling.  A PDF version is available on a CD for $15, which includes tax and shipping and handling. The PDF version is better for viewing the maps included, contains links to each section of the cemetery, and is every-word searchable. Contact Marin County Genealogical Society for more information.

Mt. Tamalpais Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. 2

Printed copies of Volume 2 are available for $40, plus shipping and handling. Fully indexed.

Stephen Eden Funeral Register

Stephen Eden ran an undertaking company from 1913 to 1925. Typical information in this old register includes name, age, date of funeral, location and date of death, cause of death, place of burial. Also included in this book are obituaries for all who had them in the local newspaper and a few photos of tombstones.

                                              Price: $22 (plus tax for CA residents)

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Marin County Coroner's Inquest Book No.1

1857-1910, copied from ledger in Coroner's Office, Civic Center, San Rafael.  Alphabetical, 50 pages.


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Marin County Register of Deaths, Book 1 - 1873-1892

Copied from the Recorder's Office, Civic Center, San Rafael, 49 pages.  The information for this book was originally abstracted in 1994. It has just been revised by Cathy Gowdy who made some transcription corrections and added some entries which had been inadvertently missed. There are a total of 49 pages of data.


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Undertaker's Records of Marin County, California, 1880-1906

Gives name, death date, age, nativity, date interred, cemetery, undertaker.  Indexed, 218 pages.


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1890 Great Register of Marin County, California (Voter List)

(Revised) A photocopy of the printed register.
Includes a computerized listing, cross-indexed by town, alphabetical, 138 pages.


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1892 Great Register of Marin County, California (Voter List)

A photocopy of the printed register.  Alphabetical, 36 pages.


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Marriages, St. Rafael's Church, San Rafael, Marin Co., CA, April 3, 1884 - February 4,1904
Usually given are the names of the bride, groom, parents of both, and witnesses.

It was not uncommon for people from San Francisco to travel to San Rafael, to the site of the Old Mission to get married.
If you are seeking a marriage record, it may be here.  Indexed, 67 pages.


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Newspaper Abstracts from the Marin Journal

Contain vital records, juror lists, voter lists, orphan's records, etc. 
These books are now available as publications
Heritage Books, Inc.

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January 6, 1881 - December 25, 1884

 January 1, 1885 - December 27, 1888 

January 1, 1889 - December 27, 1890

January 1, 1891 - December 31, 1892

January 5, 1893 - December 27, 1894

January 3, 1895 - December 27, 1896

January 2, 1897 - December 27, 1898

Newspaper Abstracts from the Sausalito News

February 12, 1885 to December 26, 1890

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