Index to Marin County Probate Records, 1850 - 1940

These records for the years 1850-1940 were transcribed by Carolyn Schwab from microfilms and contain information about the book and file number for the record, the date of death, type of case, the name(s) of the Executor/Guardian and whether a Will exists.

To view/download an Index to these records, click HERE.

Please note:  You will need Adobe Reader 8.0 or newer to open/view the file. 

Click here to download a free version (latest version) of Adobe Reader.

Search the Index by typing "CTRL F", or "CMD F" for Mac, and then type in the name of interest.

This will indicate which book and file contains the record of interest.

Note that only files up to number 1140 have so far been transcribed, and these are the only ones for which records can be requested from our Research Services.

More of the files beyond #1140 may be transcribed in due course, so check back from time to time to see if this has been updated.

FamilySearch has images of the 1850-1927 records, which can be viewed Here.

Other records can be requested through our Research Services.

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