Genealogical Articles Pertaining to Marin County Families

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Article #1 - Robert J. Kehoe
Summary:  A biography 

Summary:  A story of a Marin County Family.

Summary:  A story of an average Marin County man.

Summary:  A story of a man held in high esteem by the Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy.

Article #5 - Dufficy Family of Marin
Summary:  A story of a Marin County Family.

Article #6 - Eleanor Gerhardt of Mill Valley
Summary: A Genealogical Case Study

Article #7 - Rudy Bettoli 
Summary: From Wine Maker to Toy Maker

Article #8 - Civil War Veterans
Summary: Compilation of Civil War Veterans associated with Marin County.
Call the California Room at 415-473-7419 to view one or more of the Veteran's articles mentioned in Cathy Gowdy's summary.

Article #9 - Guiseppe Angellotti
Summary: A San Rafael Pioneer Businessman

Article #10 - Austin Ramon Pohli
Summary: Mountain Play's first Manager

Article #11 - Spotlight on the John Shephard Eells Scrapbook

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