MCGS Research Library and Facilities

The Marin County Genealogical Society (MCGS) Research Library resides at the San Rafael (Marin) Family History Center (FHC). In a joint partnership, MCGS supplied the library and FHC provided the facilities, including computers and readers for microfiche and microfilm. All are for public use. Click here for more about the San Rafael (Marin) Family History Center.

The library's holdings and facilities are held in 3 rooms at the FHC:

  • Office/Library is home to our books, a printer/scanner and a photocopy stand using one's camera.
  • Reader Room contains microfilm and microfiche and their “readers”. This room also houses the periodicals and the California Collection, including Marin County plus a flatbed scanner.
  • Computer Room houses computers but no library materials. The computers are available for accessing the internet,
    subscription websites available through the FHC, and for using CDs that are part of the library collection.

    CDs can be used by appointment only.

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MCGS Research Library Holdings and Facilities

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Library Catalog

Microfilm and Services

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