Research log    

Importance of good documentation:  Value of and how to: 

Research log pdf  to download for use   

Research Log (PDF format)      

Thomas MacEntee’s genealogy research log.  He writes Geneabloggers.


Research Log for your computer or Cloud:  You Tube about Julie Goucher’s organizational tool as you find documents & evidence of proof.

A link to download the Workbook that Julie Goucher uses and is willing to share.   
includes the Guidance Notes, Research Log, To Do List--3 sheets in one workbook.      

Genealogy Glossary   for beginners and veterans 

Common Terms to know for those that are "New to Genealogy"


Name Search:  A Guide with helpful hints
This concise article is designed to help you get the most out of your ancestral searches using the free
Genealogy Search Engine and Family Tree Search Engine--- two dedicated powerful genealogy search engines available on the internet to search billions of free online genealogy record :


Relationship chart


Printable Charts and Forms   
Research plan template, family group form, census forms, oral history and heirlooms,  form letters in various languages asking for genealogical information,  deed research notes, and many more   

Browse easily and quickly through a variety of forms from 7 or more sources.  You may find many helpful or inspiring: 


Other possible areas to research:  

Blank forms showing various collections of information: ancestral and family group forms, Agricultural Schedule, Industrial-Manufactures Schedule, Mortality Schedule, Federal Census forms with headings to see what information was collected in each census, 1880 Census Supplementral forms: Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent classes; Immigration forms; Military forms.  See what information you may not have considered that may be available to enhance your search.

Articles on Land and Tax Records

A variety of taxes over time can help locate, track movement of an ancestor (ie:  tax on moonshine, quit-rent, poll tax on certain persons, etc) or find a substitute for Census record 

Timeline grids - has link for templates

A list of 100 Genealogy Websites of 2016 with website, category, country, type (pay or free) and website address;   Scroll to the bottom of the page and above the ad are links to 8 pages of the many websites

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